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  1. In this lesson, we will find out what happens when Jane leaves Rochester. We will look at the end of the novel and consider how Jane has matured and changed during the novel.


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5 Questions

What did Victorian Christians generally believe about relationships?
You could marry more than one person.
You could sleep with people who you were not married to.
Correct answer: You needed to be married to someone to sleep with them.
What does Rochester want?
Rochester wants Jane to leave him.
Correct answer: Rochester wants Jane to live with him as his mistress.
Rochester wants Jane to marry him.
How does Jane feel about Rochester?
Jane hates Rochester.
Jane wants to live with Rochester as his mistress.
Correct answer: She loves him but wants to leave him because she does not want to become his mistress.
What genre of novel is 'Jane Eye'?
Correct answer: A Bildungsroman
An action-adventure
An comedy
How does Rochester view Jane?
Rochester views Jane as being less attractive than him.
Rochester views Jane as being less important than him.
Correct answer: Rochester views Jane as his "equal."

5 Questions

Who set Thornfield Hall on fire?
Correct answer: Bertha
Mrs Fairfax
How was Rochester injured by the fire at Thornfield?
He lost both of his legs.
Correct answer: He lost his sight and one of his hands.
He lost one of his arms.
Whose marriage proposal is rejected by Jane in this lesson?
Mr Rochester's marriage proposal
Rochester's servant's marriage proposal
Correct answer: St John's marriage proposal
What country does St John want Jane to travel with him to as his missionary-wife?
Correct answer: India
The West Indies
How does Jane describe her decision to marry Rochester?
'Reader, he married me.'
Correct answer: 'Reader, I married him.'
'Reader, we chose get married.'

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