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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about what the medieval world was like, how it was connected, and what mattered to people alive at that time.


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5 Questions

What is the name of someone who disagrees with the official position of the Church?
Correct answer: A heretic
A peasant
A pilgrim
A priest
What did John Wycliffe think about the Bible?
He said it should be translated from English to Latin.
Correct answer: He said it should be translated from Latin to English.
He said it should never be spoken out loud.
He said it was a beautiful example of the Latin language.
Who lived in a monastery?
Correct answer: Monks or nuns
The king and the queen
What was the name of the tax paid by everyone to the Church?
The geld
The poll tax
The sacrifice
Correct answer: The tithe
What services did monasteries provide?
Correct answer: They provided healthcare and education.
They provided soldiers.
They sold groceries.
They were holiday destinations.

5 Questions

We know more about kings and queens than we do about ordinary men and women in the medieval world because...
All the things written down about ordinary men and women are in a language we no longer understand.
Kings and queens didn't want ordinary people to be remembered.
Correct answer: Lots was written down about kings and queens, unlike ordinary men and women.
Ordinary men and women weren't interested in being remembered.
Women in the medieval world were expected to be...
Adventurous and ambitious
Loud and opinionated.
Correct answer: Quiet and motherly.
Medieval England was famous for its...
Correct answer: Wool
People went on pilgrimages because....
They had time to kill.
They wanted to go on a relaxing holiday.
Correct answer: They wanted to see holy relics and shrines.
They would get in trouble with their priest if they didn't.
Why were people so shocked by Margery Kempe?
She had 14 children.
Correct answer: She travelled alone and cried a lot at church.
She was terrible at running businesses.
She wore gold pipes in her hair.

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