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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about how the 13 Colonies were able to defeat the British government and its powerful navy and professional army. We will find out about how a new country was created with a completely new type of government. By the end of the lesson we will be able to decide whether or not America experienced a revolution.


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5 Questions

In which city was there a major protest in 1773 about taxes on tea?
Correct answer: Boston
What became a slogan of colonists protesting against British rule?
Land, Peace and Bread
Let them eat cake
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
No gin, no king
Correct answer: No taxation without representation
What happened at Lexington and Concord?
King George III demanded the Americas be brought under control
Rousseau and Voltaire debated who had sovereignty over America
The Boston Tea Party
Correct answer: The British army first clashed with American militias
The British Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts
When Colonists complained about a lack of 'representation', what did they mean?
Colonists did not like how few Britons were allowed to vote in elections for parliament.
Colonists did not like the way the British government seemed to speak in metaphors.
Colonists thought it was unfair that the British Parliament had to rule alongside George III
Correct answer: Colonists thought it was unfair they could not vote in elections for the British parliament.
Colonists would have preferred if George III could rule them directly without parliament.
By passing the Intolerable Acts, how did the British government seem to be going against Enlightenment ideas?
The British government banned religious toleration in the Americas.
The British government demanded King George III rule the colonies as an absolute monarch.
Correct answer: The British government took away liberties of people in Massachusetts.
The British government tried to free slaves in Virginia.

5 Questions

What became the official name of the 13 Colonies after they declared independence?
The Three Branches of Government
The United Kingdom
Correct answer: The United States of America
Who led the American armies and became the first President of the new country?
Benjamin Franklin
Correct answer: George Washington
Lord North
Thomas Jefferson
Which two countries helped the Americans during the War of Independence?
Canada and Mexico
Correct answer: France and Spain
Massachusetts and Virginia
Russia and Britain
What does 'constitution' mean?
A country ruled by a monarch and a parliament
A country where the people are sovereign
A system of government where a President rather than a monarch rules
Correct answer: The rules which decide how a country should be governed
Which Enlightenment thinker's idea of a separation of powers inspired the design of the USA's three branches of government?
Correct answer: Montesquieu

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