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  1. In this lesson, we will look at how a main melody or theme is used in blues music and learn how to play a very famous 'head'.


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6 Questions

When West African people were transported to North America, what did they bring with them?
Materials to build with.
Spices and herbs.
Correct answer: Their musical traditions.
Name a famous song by this rock and roll artist Little Richard.
Heartbreak Hotel
Jailhouse Roack
Correct answer: Tutti Frutti
Which parts of the drumkit did we recreate using chair drumming?
Cymbal, pedal and tom.
Kick, floor tom and crash.
Correct answer: Kick, snare and hi-hat.
How is a walking bass line created from chords?
Correct answer: A walking bass line is the notes of the chords 'broken' into an ascending and descending pattern.
A walking bass line is the notes of the chords played an octave apart.
A walking bass line is the notes of the chords played together at the same time.
What is this rhythm called?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: Double shuffle rhythm.
Standard rock rhythm.
Syncopated rhythm.
If you are playing a 12 bar blues in G what would the I, IV, and V chords be?
C, E and G
Correct answer: G, C and D
G, F and A

5 Questions

What types of instruments were used in early blues music?
Brass and woodwind
Concertina and vocals
Correct answer: Percussion and guitar
Which instrument did blues artist Milt Jackson play?
Miles Davis, the trumpet
Correct answer: Milt Jackson, the vibraphone
Robert Johnson, the guitar
What is a blues 'head'?
Correct answer: A main melody or theme that will repeat throughout a blues song.
A solo improvisation.
The 12 bar blues arrangement.
How many bars is the "Bags' Groove" head?
Correct answer: 2 bars and a beat
3 bars and a beat
4 bars and a beat
If in "Bags' Groove" the head was originally played by the vibraphone, which instruments would play the accompaniment?
Bass, drum machine and synths.
Correct answer: Bass, piano and drums.
Pipes, piano and tuba.

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