How can we play a 12-bar blue bass line in may keys?

How can we play a 12-bar blue bass line in may keys?

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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the origin of blues music and how to play and transpose a 12-bar blues bass line.


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In which century was blues music first played?
16th century
Correct answer: 19th century
20th century
Where in America did the blues originate?
Correct answer: Mississippi
In early blues what instruments were used?
Piano and saxophone
Correct answer: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Vocals and drums
Name the song by Robert Johnson that we listened to in the lesson.
Carriageway Blues
Correct answer: Crossroad Blues
Highway Blues
Which three notes did we play for a 12 bar blues bassline in C?
A C and F
Correct answer: C F and G
F B and D
If we transpose the 12 bar blues structure to F, what three pitches would we play?
Correct answer: F Bb and C
F E and D
F G and A

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