How can drums be used for communication?

How can drums be used for communication?

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  1. In this lesson, we will explore the various untuned percussion instruments of West Africa. We will then be introduced to texture and polyrhythms and will have the opportunity to perform 3:4 and 3:2 polyrhythms.


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What is syncopation?
Syncopation is a traditional West African percussion instrument
Syncopation is where you play on the down (strong, on) beats only
Correct answer: Syncopation is where you play on the weak (off) beats
What is improvisation?
Is where you can use other musicians' improvisations as your own
It is a strict musical technique with rules that must be followed
Correct answer: It is free; there are no right or wrong musical responses
Which of the following is NOT an improvisation technique covered in the lesson?
Accenting different beats
Adding or removing a beat
Call and response with family and friends
Correct answer: Playing a song you already know backwards
Where else might you hear a stop signal?
Correct answer: At the end of the call and response section
At the start of the improvisation section
Half way through the call and response section
What is an accent?
A note played quieter than other notes in the bar
A really short note
Correct answer: An emphasized note

4 Questions

The Sabar is a Senegalese drum that is played at many celebration events. Which of the following is not an event mentioned in the video?
Full moon
Correct answer: Funeral
How does the size of a drum influence its pitch?
Size does not affect the pitch of a drum.
The bigger the drum, the higher the pitch.
Correct answer: The smaller the drum, the higher the pitch.
Polyphonic texture describes
A texture based on chords that accompanies a distinct melody line.
A texture consisting of a solo musical line.
Correct answer: Two or more melodies or parts that play at the same time, weaving in and out of each other.
A polyrhythm is
A texture only used in West African music.
When two or more chords are played at the same time.
Correct answer: When two or more rhythms with different pulses are heard together.

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