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  1. In this lesson, we will learn how to construct triangles given two sides and an angle.


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5 Questions

Complete the sentence: We can draw different triangles that have the same ______ angles using a ruler and a ________.
exterior, compass
exterior, protractor
interior, compass
Correct answer: interior, protractor
What is the length of the missing side, k, on the larger triangle?
An image in a quiz
10.8 cm
Correct answer: Not enough information
Yasmin and Xiavier are talking about constructing triangles. Yasmin says you need 2 sides lengths to be able to construct a triangle. Xiavier says you need a protractor to construct a triangle. Who is correct?
Both Yasmin and Xiavier
Correct answer: Neither is correct
Only Xiavier
Only Yasmin
What equipment would you use to construct 95°, 6cm, 55° triangle correctly?
Ruler and pencil
Ruler, pencil and compass
Correct answer: Ruler, pencil and protractor
Both angles have the same interior angles of ____, _____ and _______
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25°, 25°, 48°
Correct answer: 48°, 25°, 107°
48°, 25°, 73°
48°, 48°, 25°,

5 Questions

How many can be constructed with the following angle measures?100°, 40°, 40°
Exactly one triangle can be constructed
Correct answer: More than one triangles can be constructed
No triangles can be constructed
How many triangles can you draw with three side lengths of 4 cm, 5 cm and 10cm?
Four possibilities
Correct answer: Impossible
One possibility
Two possibilities
Complete the sentence about the image below: You can construct different triangles if you are given two _____ and one _____ angle.
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exterior, side
interior, side
side, exterior
Correct answer: side, interior
For the image below, both of the triangles above have side lengths of ______ and 7cm and an interior angle of ______.
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4cm and 148°
Correct answer: 4cm and 32°
7cm and 74°
How many triangles can you draw with this information? One side of length 7 cm, one side of length 5cm and a 40° angles.
Correct answer: Four possibilities
One possibility
Two possibilities

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