Using call and response in Samba music

Using call and response in Samba music

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  1. In this lesson, we will be looking at Samba music and layering different rhythms over the top of each other. We will learn a new 'call and response' song and carry on improvising in different ways; learning tips and tricks; with songs and pieces of music.


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5 Questions

What is call and response?
Correct answer: A musical conversation where one phrase (call) is answered by another
A repeated pattern or phrase
Rhythm patterns where stressed notes are placed off the beat
The heartbeat of the music
What techniques did we learn today when improvising?
To add a dance routine to make it more interesting
To improvise as fast as possible
Correct answer: To improvise on the 'off beats', start on different beats of the bar and use call and response
To wait and leave rests
What is the rhythm?
The heartbeat of the music
Correct answer: The pattern of sounds
When we use our bodies to create sound
Where does the song 'A Keelie' come from?
Correct answer: Ghana
How do you play 'plug the gap?'
Copy the same pattern back
Correct answer: Improvise a four beat pattern in the gap
Layer clapping with the other player
Sing a song

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