How is music in some West African countries taught and learnt?

How is music in some West African countries taught and learnt?

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  1. In this lesson, we will explore more features of African music. What is a griot? What is the role of music in West African society? We will learn the answers to these questions in this lesson, and have an opportunity to be a griot!


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5 Questions

What is ternary form?
A structure that alternates between a refrain and episodes.
A structure used in pop songs with intro, verse, chorus and outro sections.
Correct answer: A structure with a section (A) that repeats after a contrasting (B) section.
How can we turn two sections into a ternary (ABA) form?
Add a C section.
Compose a new section.
Correct answer: Repeat the first A section at the end.
What is a 'link' section?
Correct answer: A short part of music that connects one section to another.
A stop signal.
The ropes that connect the skin of the djembe to the wood.
How can we add interest to a structure?
Change songs half way through.
Correct answer: Develop the section that repeats.
Remove the B section.
Which of the following is not a way to develop a section?
Add or remove notes
Change dynamics
Change sonority
Correct answer: Remove the entire section

5 Questions

What is a griot?
Correct answer: It is a person who communicates stories through generations by an oral tradition.
It is a specific type of song, that is taught through an oral tradition.
It is another name for a drummer, who teaches music.
How do you become a griot?
You can apply to be a griot when you are old enough.
You can volunteer to be a griot at any age.
Correct answer: You have to be born a griot. It is inherited.
At what occasion would music not usually be played?
Correct answer: When dinner is ready
What is an oral tradition?
Correct answer: The passing of information from generation to generation.
The passing of information from one community to another.
The tradition of only singing and not talking.
What is western notation?
A grid that contains symbols and shapes showing us where to play the notes.
Correct answer: A system of visually represented music we hear on a stave using various symbols.
A tradition whereby music is learned by call and response.

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