What are the different types of campaigning methods we can use?

What are the different types of campaigning methods we can use?

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  1. In this lesson, we will investigate the different types of campaigning methods available to us when running our Citizenship Action Projects. We will think about how different methods may be better for different target groups. We will also look at the difference between direct and indirect action.


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5 Questions

A survey is an example of what type of research?
Correct answer: Primary
Where did Shabana do her research?
In the library
Correct answer: Online
Using a questionnaire on her local high street
What was a possible solution to the fact there was no day centre for rough sleepers?
Correct answer: Lobby the local council
Offer to help or get donations to support this
Run a campaign to promote this
Which skill will targets help you show?
Critical thinking
Correct answer: Evaluation
Team work
Why is it important for an action plan to have all the tasks you think you might need to complete your action?
Correct answer: All of the above
All those involved can see what needs to be done
Ensures the task is done efficiently (in the correct order)
So tasks can be delegated to those with the best skills
To keep organised

5 Questions

True or false, it doesn't make any difference which type of campaign methods you use?
Correct answer: False
What type of action is being described here?: 'action taken by individuals and groups to further their aims. It an include marches, boycotts, holding a public meeting and other activities'.
Correct answer: Direct Action
Indirect Action
What type of action is being described here?: 'a form of campaigning using other methods, for example letter writing, making leaflets to raise awareness, petitioning, lobbying MP’s and councillors'.
Direct Action
Correct answer: Indirect Action
What do we call the group or organisation we are aiming our action at?
Customer Group
Correct answer: Target Group
What did footballer, Marcus Rashford, start a campaign about in summer 2020?
Clean Water
Correct answer: Free School Meals
Healthy Meals
The Environment

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