What are the key differences between the Westminster parliament and the US Congress?

What are the key differences between the Westminster parliament and the US Congress?

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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the similarities and differences between Westminster and Congress. You will compare the political systems of both the UK and US before making a judgement on how similar they are.


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5 Questions

Who is the current leader of North Korea?
Boris Johnson
Kim Il-Sung
Correct answer: Kim Jong-Un
There is no leader
What type of government does North Korea have?
Correct answer: Dictatorship
Direct Demcoracy
Representative Democracy
As a result of only being able to vote for one party, which human right is violated in North Korea?
Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment
Correct answer: Freedom of expression and free and fair elections
Freedom of speech
Right to live your life free of discrimination
True or false? Government controlling the media is part of a democratic system of rule
Correct answer: False
True or false? You would be able to purchase a McDonalds meal in North Korea
Correct answer: False

6 Questions

What is the best description of a political system?
Political systems are unitary or federal systems.
Political systems are similar to any type of system such as the railway system
Correct answer: The things or processes that work together to enable politics to work and political decisions to be taken.
Which word means: 'two chambers' when thing about the legislative branch of government?'
Correct answer: Bicameral
Bicarbonate of soda
Congress is made up of:
The House of Representatives and the House of Commons
Correct answer: The House of Representatives and the Senate
The Senate and the House of Cards
Which house has representatives that serve for 5 years?
Correct answer: House of Commons
House of Lords
House of Representatives
Which of these houses is the only one that is not elected?
House of Commons
Correct answer: House of Lords
House of Representatives
Which of these is a positive of having a Bicameral system?
Having houses disagree could lead to inaction
It is confusing for the public to understand the role of both houses
Correct answer: There is always another body of people to check or scrutinise a law that is being passed

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