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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about some of the big ideas which people were getting excited about in the eighteenth century. Some of these ideas were so powerful, they went on to help cause revolutions.


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What do historians call the eighteenth century movement which developed ideas that challenged the authority of monarchs and the Church?
The Age of Discovery
Correct answer: The Enlightenment
The Reformation
The Renaissance
Which of the following were Enlightenment ideas?
Divine Right of Kings
Correct answer: Personal liberty and individual rights
Polytheism and paganism
Which of the following were Enlightenment thinkers?
Columbus and Marco Polo
Galileo and Leonardo Da Vinci
Luther and Calvin
Plato and Aristotle
Correct answer: Rousseau and Voltaire
Which of these is another name for the enlightenment
Age of Discovery
Correct answer: Age of Reason
The Dark Ages
The Interregnum
The Restoration
Which of the following ideas is most closely associated with Montesquieu?
Natural Rights
Religious toleration
Correct answer: The Separation of Powers

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UnitHistory / Did the Enlightenment fuel the American Revolution?