Why did Henry VIII make a break with Rome?

Why did Henry VIII make a break with Rome?

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  1. In this lesson, we will aim to answer the enquiry question, 'why did Henry VIII make a break from Rome?' We will do so by considering the different reasons behind his decision. This will include the religious, political and economic factors that led to the decision to break with Rome.


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5 Questions

Who persuaded Henry to close the monasteries?
Oliver Cromwell
Thomas Cranmer
Correct answer: Thomas Cromwell
Thomas Moore
Thomas Wolsey
Which of the following was not a rule that monks had to follow?
Eat simply and wear simple clothing.
Correct answer: Give the Pope 10% of the monasteries income.
Live as poor people.
Look after the poor, the sick and the old.
Not marry or have sex.
How would Henry benefit from closing the monasteries?
He would give the monasteries to important people in England to win their support.
Correct answer: He would increase his income by selling their land and taking their riches.
He would try every monk for treason to make sure no one supported the Pope.
He would tun the monasteries into new churches.
He would use the monasteries to persuade people to support the Church of England.
How much was Henry's income by 1547?
Correct answer: £240,000
How many monasteries were left by 1540?
Correct answer: None
Over 500

5 Questions

What is the name of Henry's first wife whom he wanted to divorce?
Anne Boleyn
Anne of Cleves
Catherine Howard
Correct answer: Catherine of Aragon
Jane Seymour
Henry's 'Great Matter' refers to which problem of Henry's?
His growing concern of the Protestant reforms to the church after 1534.
His need for more money to fight expensive wars.
Correct answer: His need to divorce Catherine of Aragon.
The growing criticisms of the Catholic Church.
The Pope's power and authority over England.
What year was the Act of Supremacy passed?
Correct answer: 1534
What is the name of Henry's adviser who encouraged him to break with Rome?
Anne Boleyn
Clement VII
Correct answer: Thomas Cromwell
Thomas More
Thomas Wolsey
Why did Henry want to close the monasteries?
Correct answer: Henry could take the monasteries land and wealth for himself.
Henry wanted to replace monasteries with new religious buildings.
The monasteries no longer provided any services to the local area.
The monasteries were too powerful.
The Pope had instructed Henry to do so.

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