Why was Elizabeth I known as 'Sultana Isabel'?

Why was Elizabeth I known as 'Sultana Isabel'?

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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about Elizabethan connections to the Islamic world. We will learn about what Morocco was like in the Elizabethan era and also learn who Abd el-Ouahed ben Messaoud was.


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5 Questions

How did Diego help Sir Francis Drake?
Correct answer: He introduced Sir Francis Drake to his fellow Cimarron allowing them to raid the Spanish treasure train together.
He introduced Sir Francis Drake to the career of privateering.
He introduced Sir Francis Drake to the idea of raiding Spanish treasure as it travelled across Panama.
He introduced Sir Francis Drake to the local Spanish leaders in Panama.
What does it mean when we say Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe?
Correct answer: He travelled all the way around the world.
He travelled for a long time.
He travelled part way around the world.
What was Roanoke?
Correct answer: The first attempted English colony
The first group of people Sir Francis Drake met in Panama
The first group of people the English encountered in America
Sir Walter Raleigh was obsessed with?
Finding a route to India
Finding a way to establish English colonies
Correct answer: Finding El Dorado
What was a Privateer?
A sailor who sailed for his own private profit
Correct answer: A sailor with permission from the Queen to raid enemy ships and ports

5 Questions

Who was 'Sultana Isabel'?
Correct answer: Elizabeth I
The wife of the Moroccan Sultan
What was the nickname of Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur?
The 'Courageous One'
Correct answer: The 'Golden One'
The 'Intelligent One'
The 'Silver One'
Why did England and Morocco wish to become close after 1588?
They both wished to become wealthy by exploring America
They both wished to see their monarchs work together to take Tangier
Correct answer: They had a mutual enemy of Spain
What was the 'Barbary Company'?
A company of English soldiers who travelled to Morocoo
A company of Moroccan men who came to England
Correct answer: A company of traders who wished to trade with Morocco
What did Elizabeth I wish for in return for joining Ahmad al-Mansur in an invasion of Spain?
Correct answer: Sugar

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