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  1. In this lesson, we will consider how people can work together when they are not in the same location. We will discuss ways of working and simulate a collaborative online project. We would advise you to complete this lesson on a desktop device as you need to download and interact with additional files as part of the learning. These can be downloaded from the last slide of the worksheet. You should always ask your parent or carer for permission before downloading files from the internet.


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3 Questions

Messages are sent using an agreed protocol so the receiver can understand the message.
Correct answer: True
What does every computer on the internet have that is unique?
A packet
A protocol
A router
Correct answer: An IP address
Why are messages transferred in packets?
Correct answer: So they are not too big
So they know where to go
To keep them secure

3 Questions

Which of these are advantages of communicating between computers using the internet? (pick 3)
Correct answer: It gives you real time communication
Correct answer: Two way communication
Correct answer: You can use text, video and audio
You meet with other people in person
More than one person can edit an online document at the same time.
Correct answer: True
Why might you leave a comment on a document?
To add more detail to the content
To find information on the internet
Correct answer: To offer suggestions to improve it

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