Writing about the play as a whole: How is Power Presented?

Writing about the play as a whole: How is Power Presented?

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  1. In this lesson, we will plan an essay on how power is presented in 'The Tempest'. We will look at different types of power in the play, and then zoom in on Act 3 Scene 2 and think about how power is presented in that extract.


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5 Questions

Evaluation is...
Correct answer: making a judgment
to place ideas together, creating a contrast
working out good and bad
Principles are...
a judgment
Correct answer: the foundations of someone's values
what is good or bad about someone
Morals are...
the foundations of someone's values
Correct answer: what makes a person good or bad
when we judge something
Shakespeare's final idea communicated to the audience is...
Prospero is evil
Correct answer: that the audience must judge the characters in the play
that these were true events
We know The Tempest is a comedy because...
Correct answer: Miranda and Ferdinand are to be married
the good characters are happy at the end
they all good home at the end

5 Questions

Caliban demonstrates power by...
being bitter about Prospero
being locked away
Correct answer: plotting to take Prospero's magic
Ariel craves power over...
Correct answer: his own choices and freedom
Prospero uses his power to...
be kind to everyone
Correct answer: bring people to the island
make himself rich
Antonio has gained power by...
Correct answer: betraying Prospero
coming to the island
working with Caliban
Ariel uses his power in order to...
abuse Caliban
Correct answer: create the tempest
fly away

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