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  1. In this lesson, we will explore the concept of fairness, focusing on examples of school rules and whether school uniforms are fair.


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5 Questions

How do we define rules?
A right that is protected by law.
Correct answer: A set of guidelines that tell people what is or is not allowed.
A way to measure a straight line.
What is a law?
A law is a document that has no meaning.
A law is a way to control peoples actions, views and ideas.
Correct answer: Any one rule that government makes and that people in a society must obey.
What would happen if we did not have any rules/laws?
Correct answer: People could do what they want without punishment.
People would feel safe
People would go to prison.
What was the first rule/law that was written down?
King John
Correct answer: The Magna Carta
The rule of law
How do we define the rule of law?
The rule of law means Kings and Queens are the most important people and they are above the law.
Correct answer: The rule of law means that nobody is above the law and the law should treat everyone equally.
The rule of law means that the law only applies to some people in society.

5 Questions

True or false, 'fairness' can be defined as 'treating people equally or in a way that is right or reasonable'?
Correct answer: True
Which answer below was not one of the views of fairness, found in the research published by Equality and Human Rights Commission?
Correct answer: It means giving things to the people you like most
It means to treat people differently, based on their characteristics
It means to try to treat everyone the same
Which of the answers below was not mentioned as a reason for people to wear uniforms at work?
For safety and protection
To be easily identifiable
To promote the company
Correct answer: To set new fashion trends
Which argument below would be used to say that school uniforms are fair?
Children’s own clothes may be more comfortable
Uniforms can be expensive
Correct answer: Uniforms mean that everyone looks the same, so bullying is reduced
Young people can’t express their individuality in a uniform
Which organisation below was described as a part of the United Nations which aims to ensure that a child's basic needs are met?
Correct answer: UNICEF