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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the role of a citizen within a democracy. We will explore what being part of the democratic process means and what actions can be taken to improve the world around us.


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5 Questions

True or false, 'Democracy' comes from the Latin words 'demos' meaning people, and 'kratos' meaning power?
Correct answer: False
True or false, the UK is a democratic country where the people choose who represents them in Parliament?
Correct answer: True
Which of the following BEST describes the key characteristics of the media in a democracy?
Censored by the government
Controlled by the government
Does not take responsibility for their actions
Correct answer: Free, transparent and accountable
Which of these would NOT lead to effective action?
A cause lots of people feel passionate about
Media backing
Public support
Correct answer: Violent protests
On which of the following issues has Marcus Rashford successfully campaigned?
Animal Rights
Correct answer: Child Poverty
Equal pay
School uniform