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  1. In this lesson, we will create charts using our previously compiled databases. Then we will compare different ways of viewing information.


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3 Questions

Which search term would return these results?
An image in a quiz
Age = 37
Correct answer: Boarded = Southampton
Class = 2nd
Gender = Male
What would you search for to answer this question – ‘How many males under ten years old were on board the Titanic?
Correct answer: Gender AND Age
Gender AND Class
Gender OR Age
Name AND Age
What would you search for to answer this question – ‘Altogether, how many people boarded at the highlighted places?’
An image in a quiz
Age = 10 and Boarded = Belfast
Correct answer: Boarded = Belfast or Boarded = Queenstown
Boarded = Queenstown and Boarded = Belfast
Boarded = Queenstown or Age = 10

3 Questions

Creating a chart on a computer is better than creating by a chart by drawing because ... (Tick 2 boxes)
It will always be right
It will be more accurate
Correct answer: It's easier to try different chart types
Correct answer: It's quicker
Which two fields have been used to create this graph?
An image in a quiz
Area and currency
Correct answer: Country name and area
Currency and population
Population and country name
Here are two views which we can see when using a database: ‘table view’ and ‘chart view’. If I wanted to know which two of the countries listed had the largest population, which view would be the most useful?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: Chart view
Table view