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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will acquire the skills to create charts in Google Sheets. We will evaluate results based on questions asked using the chart that we have created. Finally, we will appreciate there are different software tools available within spreadsheet applications to present data.


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3 Questions

Why are data headings important? (Tick 2 boxes)
They allow us to experiment with formatting.
Correct answer: They enable us to keep the data organised.
Correct answer: They help for effective use of formula.
They look attractive on a spreadsheet.
Why should data be organised? (Tick 2 boxes)
Correct answer: It is easier to perform calculations using the data.
Correct answer: It makes easier to read and understand data.
It stifles creativity.
Makes the spreadsheet attractive.
What calculation in your formula will you use to find C2-Total budget?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: A2*B2

4 Questions

Presenting data using tables are helpful when you want to: (Tick 2 correct choices)
Compare the data
Correct answer: Make changes to the data (adding / taking away items, etc.)
See the data visually
Correct answer: Use the data to perform different calculations
Presenting data using graphs and charts are helpful when you want to: (Tick 2 correct choices)
Correct answer: Compare the data
Make changes to the data (adding / taking away items, etc.)
Correct answer: See the data visually
View the individual figures
Which is the best way to present data? Tables OR graphs and charts?
Graphs and charts
Correct answer: There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways of presenting data.You need to choose which is the most appropriate.
Look at the pie-chart to answer this question. Which spending type did you spend the most money on?
An image in a quiz
Activity total cost
Drinks total cost
Food total cost
Correct answer: Venue total cost