Year 5
Year 5

Features of an effective video

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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will look at investigate further the features of an effective video. We will list some of these features and record a video which employs them in context. Lastly, we will explain why lighting and angle are important in filming an effective video.


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3 Questions

What do you call a device with three legs that stabilises a camera?
A holder
A stand
Correct answer: A tripod
What is the name of the videoing technique which the image is made larger but the camera does not move?
Pan and tilt
Static camera
Correct answer: Zooming
To create an effective video, what should you consider using?
Correct answer: A careful mix of audio and visuals
Only audio
Only visuals

4 Questions

You have been asked to create an educational video. You are going to create a storyboard. What should you consider? Select all that apply.
Correct answer: The order of events
Correct answer: The types of shots
Title and end credits
Storyboard are useful because... (tick all that you agree with)
Correct answer: It is easy to check which camera techniques and shots to use
It is easy to edit your video
Correct answer: It makes it easier to sequence events
Correct answer: They help you to plan your video
Correct answer: You can edit your video content
How can light affect a video recording? Tick all that apply
Correct answer: It can create a mood or atmosphere
Correct answer: It can provide a focus
Light does not affect the video
What is green screen technology?
It makes everything go green
It makes everything invisible
Correct answer: The green background goes transparent and you can make it look like you are anywhere in the world