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  1. In this lesson, we will have the opportunity to review the content of edited videos and finalise them by adding special effects such as animations, transitions, text, additional audio, and other visual effects.


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3 Questions

Before I start editing my video what tasks do I need to do?
Add titles and credits to the video
Export the project
Correct answer: Import the content
Correct answer: Shoot / film the content
Correct answer: Upload the content
When you want to edit the content, which one of the following statements is correct?
The video you record must be perfect before you import it
Correct answer: You can use the split and trim tools and remove unwanted content
If the content has external sounds over the dialogue or has camera wobble what is the recommended way to resolve these issues?
Edit the content
Import and export the content
Correct answer: Reshoot the content

3 Questions

How can I improve my video? Tick all that apply.
Correct answer: Add a title screen and end credits
Correct answer: Add dialogue
Correct answer: Add music
Correct answer: Add sound effects
Correct answer: Add text effects
Correct answer: Add transitions
Which things will reduce the quality of your video? Tick all that apply
Correct answer: Camera wobble
Correct answer: Distorted music
Correct answer: Low volume on dialogue
Correct answer: Panning or tilting too fast
Visual effects
When you export your video, which file format should you use?
Correct answer: MP4