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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will explore a brief history of creating moving images from still images. We will also look at the role and benefits of the use of audio in a video, learning that the purpose of video is to communicate a message to an audience, or to record an event. Lastly, we will plan a video project using a story board.


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3 Questions

What is video made up of? Select all that apply
Correct answer: Moving and still images together
Correct answer: Moving and still images together with audio
None of the above
Select all the types of video from below
Correct answer: Animations
Correct answer: Cartoons
Correct answer: How to tutorial on YouTube
Correct answer: Product Review on YouTube
Correct answer: Vlog
What features does audio add to video? Select the answers that are true.
Correct answer: Audio is as important as video
Audio is nowhere near as important as video
Correct answer: It helps to create atmosphere
Correct answer: It provides more detailed information