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  1. In this lesson we will be introduced to data science, and in particular, how visualising data can help us to provide insights that may not be as obvious when looking at raw data.


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2 Questions

Which of the following is the most accurate definition of data science?
Correct answer: Data science is extracting meaning from large data sets in order to provide insights to support decision-making
Data science is performing experiments and recording the data produced by those experiments
Data science is using computers to analyse data and to perform calculations on the data to produce information
Data science is writing code to make sure that any inaccuracies in data sets are spotted and removed (cleaned)
Which of the following best describes a data visualisation?
A collection of graphs that tell a story when put together
Correct answer: A visual representation that communicates relationships among the data
Making sure that data is accessible and that no data is hidden
Presenting related data so that a user can see individual items of data