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  1. In this lesson, we will write and execute our first programs in Python. We will go through the basics of displaying messages, assigning values to variables, and receiving input from the keyboard.

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3 Questions

Which of these statements is a definition for an algorithm?
Correct answer: A series of instructions that end with the problem solved.
Breaking down a problem into smaller, more manageable chunks.
Spotting patterns in programs.
When this program is executed, what will be displayed on the screen?
An image in a quiz
"I live in", "Leeds"
"I live in", location
Correct answer: I live in Leeds
I live in location
When this program is executed, what will be displayed on the screen, as a result of executing line 3?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: I’ve never been to followed by whatever the user has typed at the keyboard
I’ve never been to input()
I’ve never been to location
It is not possible to know the output without executing the program.