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  1. In this lesson, we will be introduced to the purpose of the unit: to create a mobile app. Over the next two lessons we will develop our first app together "Tappy Tap App" and start by decomposing the problem, using success criteria to help us do this.


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3 Questions

What is the purpose of decomposing a programming project?
It is used to test your system at the end of the project
Correct answer: To break down the problem into smaller parts that are more manageable and easier to understand
To make a hand-drawn design for the solution to the problem before you start writing code
To split the problem into two parts
Which one of the following success criteria would not be suitable?
Correct answer: App must be easy to use
App must have a score screen
Must allow the user to input their name
User screen must have a button to move to the next screen
Where would you change the id of a text box or button?
In the events tab
Correct answer: In the properties tab