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  1. In this lesson, we will complete our Tappy Tap App by making the score screen. After this, we will then be given a choice of projects to work on to start building our own apps.


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3 Questions

Looking at the code below, what happens after the confirm_button has been clicked (Image source: Code.org)
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A data entry box will appear
Nothing, as the variable name hasn’t been declared beforehand
Correct answer: The text entered by the user into the input box is collected and linked to the name variable
The user is prompted to enter text into the input box
There is an app that has two screens, home_screen and game_screen. On the home screen are two buttons. What sequence should the two events below be placed in? (Image source: Code.org)
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1 then 2
2 then 1
Correct answer: The sequence of each onEvent is unimportant, as the flow of the program is controlled by when the events are triggered
Fixing an error in your code is known as:
Correct answer: Debugging
Error correction
Error detection