Year 2

Planning the build-up of ‘Lucky Dip'

I can plan the build-up of ‘Lucky Dip’.

Year 2

Planning the build-up of ‘Lucky Dip'

I can plan the build-up of ‘Lucky Dip’.

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Lesson details

Key learning points

  1. The purpose of the build-up is to develop the plot/characters, introduce a problem and build up tension and excitement.
  2. Our plan will contain ambitious vocabulary.
  3. Our plan will contain nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
  4. Using ambitious vocabulary helps to paint a vivid picture in the reader’s mind and make writing exciting to read.

Common misconception

Pupils may find it challenging to generate ambitious verbs, adverbs, nouns and adjectives all at once.

Depending on the abilities in the class, you may wish to focus on just one of these aspects in the plan e.g. only adjectives and nouns. Alternatively, children could work in pairs or small groups to generate their plans.


  • Ambitious vocabulary - high-level language in writing that meets the text purpose

  • Planning - creating a framework before writing a section or whole text

To ensure pupils have a strong understanding of the events in the build-up, you may want to use a drama game such as 'freeze frames' to get the pupils to act out the key moments in advance of this lesson.
Teacher tip


You need access to the 2001 animation ‘Lucky Dip’ by Emily Skinner for this lesson.


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6 Questions

What is the name for a group of words with no verb that adds detail to a noun?
a verb
a question
Correct answer: an expanded noun phrase
An expanded noun phrase can contain two adjectives and a ....
Correct answer: noun.
In an expanded noun phrase, what comes between the adjectives?
Correct answer: a comma
a full stop
a dash
Where is 'Lucky Dip' set?
Correct answer: the seaside
the city
the park
More detail can be added to a verb by using ...
a noun.
another verb.
Correct answer: an adverb.
Which of these words is an adverb?
Correct answer: quickly

6 Questions

Order these parts of a story staircase correctly.
1 - opening
2 - build-up
3 - climax
4 - resolution
Which of these is a purpose of the build-up?
Correct answer: develop the plot and characters
end the story
describe the setting
Which of these is a purpose of the build-up?
describe the main characters
Correct answer: introduce a problem
end the story
The build-up is the part of the story where the writer will build up ...
Correct answer: tension and excitement.
descriptive words for the setting.
a resolution for the story.
Put these parts of the build-up of 'Lucky Dip' in the correct order.
1 - Emily enters the strange and scary arcade.
2 - Emily sees the Pin Man and hides.
3 - Emily sees the magical bunny, but is taken out by her grandad.
Adverbs are used to ...
describe a noun.
Correct answer: describe a verb.
describe an adjective.