Year 2

Writing the introduction of a non-chronological report about nocturnal animals

I can write an introduction of a non-chronological report about nocturnal animals.

Year 2

Writing the introduction of a non-chronological report about nocturnal animals

I can write an introduction of a non-chronological report about nocturnal animals.

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Lesson details

Key learning points

  1. An introduction of a non-chronological report should entice the reader to read the main report.
  2. An introduction should make the report itself seem interesting and informative.
  3. A question is a type of simple sentence that asks the reader for an answer and ends with a question mark.
  4. A question mark is a punctuation mark used at the end of a question.
  5. A command is a type of simple sentence that tells someone to do something and can end with an exclamation mark

Common misconception

Children may write detailed information and facts about nocturnal animals in their introduction.

Explain to pupils that the introduction gives general information. Give examples of general vs specific information for children to identify


  • Introduction - An introduction tells the reader what the report is about and tries to entice them to read on.

  • Question - Something that is said or written in order to ask a person about something.

  • Command - A command is a direct order or instruction telling someone to do something.

  • Outline - An outline tells the reader what they will learn about through reading the text.

The success criteria on the slides could also be printed off and stuck into the pupils' books so they can tick off as they write. You could ask them to underline each example from the success criteria in their work.
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6 Questions

Hedgehogs have over 5,000 ...
Correct answer: spines.
Where on a hedgehogs body are their spines located?
Correct answer: back
Why is having spines a good adaptation for a hedgehog to have made?
The spines keep them warm.
Correct answer: The spines protect them from predators.
The spines catch food.
What does a hedgehog do to protect themselves when a predator is near?
Correct answer: Roll into a ball.
Run away.
Use their spines to fight the predator.
Which of these animals are predators of hedgehogs?
Correct answer: owl
Which of these do hedgehogs eat?
Correct answer: worms

6 Questions

Which of these features of non-chronological reports has the purpose of enticing the reader to read the whole report?
Correct answer: introduction
Order these sections of a non-chronological report.
1 - introduction
2 - section 1
3 - section 2
Which of these is a purpose of the introduction?
Correct answer: Give the reader general information about the subject.
Give the reader detailed information.
Give the reader specific information about the animals.
Which of these is not a purpose of an introduction?
Inform the reader of what they are going to read about.
Make the reader want to read on.
Correct answer: Put the reader off wanting to read on.
Which of these should be included in an introduction?
Correct answer: an outline of the report
detailed information about the subject
Correct answer: a question to the reader which shares general information about the subject
Which of these question starters would be formal enough to use in a report?
Correct answer: Were you aware that …
Did you see that ...
Did you know that ...
Correct answer: Have you ever heard that ...