Year 2

Reading aloud writing based on 'The Proudest Blue'

I can read my writing aloud to present to others.

Year 2

Reading aloud writing based on 'The Proudest Blue'

I can read my writing aloud to present to others.

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Lesson details

Key learning points

  1. Reading aloud is a way to present your writing to an audience.
  2. Volume, eye contact, body language and pace are important for connecting to the audience effectively.
  3. Style of presentation is impacted by what you are reading aloud.
  4. Personal writing should be delivered in an expressive and emotive way using emphasis where appropriate.
  5. Rehearsing reading aloud helps to prepare us for presenting.

Common misconception

Children sometimes find it difficult to learn and distinguish between raised voice and projection.

Model the differences and look at techniques for projection (e.g. breathing and speaking from our core).


  • Presenting - involves speaking in front of others and listening to others

  • Audience - a group of people gathered to watch a presentation or performance

  • Emphasis - intonation of tone to make words stand out

  • Rehearsing - practising something so we get better at it

Read the teacher model aloud in a formal and serious manner and ask children to discuss why it is not appropriate for this style of writing. Offer an opportunity for pupils to give feedback to their peers.
Teacher tip


You will need a copy of the 2020 Andersen Press edition of ‘The Proudest Blue’ by Ibtihaj Muhammad for this lesson.


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6 Questions

What is it called when we deliver a piece of writing to an audience?
a special event
Correct answer: a presentation
a song
What is the special item in 'The Proudest Blue'?
the sky
Correct answer: the hijab
the dress
When doing a piece of writing, what should you do when you have finished writing?
Correct answer: read it to check it makes sense
Correct answer: make any edits and improvements needed
What does a simile do?
shows the difference between two things
Correct answer: shows a similarity between two things
shows two things being exactly the same
What effect does a simile have on the reader?
Correct answer: it creates vivid imagery in their mind
makes the reader lose interest
it describes exactly what something is
What is the name for the people you may present a piece of writing to?
Correct answer: audience

6 Questions

What is volume?
how we pronounce words
the speed at which we speak
Correct answer: how quiet or loud a sound is
What is eye contact?
touching our eyes
Correct answer: looking audience members in the eye
how we use our body
What is body language?
Correct answer: our posture, stance and gestures to communicate
the speed at which we move our body
what we wear while presenting
What is pace?
how loud we speak
how we connect to the audience
Correct answer: the speed at which we speak
How would delivering a presentation of a personal piece of writing differ from a formal piece of writing?
you would sing it
Correct answer: you would deliver in a more emotive and expressive way
you would remain formal at all times
Which words would you emphasise when presenting?
every word
words that are tricky to say
Correct answer: words that you want to highlight or deliver in a specific way