Year 9
Year 9

Approaching unseen fiction texts

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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will look at Freytag's Narrative Pyramid and the idea of 'Four conflicts in Literature' as ways of reading unseen fiction extracts. You will then have an opportunity to try out these ideas by applying this learning to an unseen fiction extract from H G Wells' 'The Time Machine'.


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5 Questions

The extract contains a flashback account of what happened to the Time Traveller in his invention.
Correct answer: true
The extract is from the rising action of the novel. In the passage we are introduced to a complication. What is it?
he cannot get a companion to join him
he couldn't try his machine as Mrs Watchett interrupted him
the weather conditions were poor
Correct answer: there are issues with the parts he needs for the machine
At first he is unsure that he has actually travelled in time at all. What proves it to him?
he has knocked over a piece of furniture on his return
Correct answer: he notices the time on the clock has changed
he sees that it is now dark outside and it wasn't before
Mrs Watchett tells him
How does Wells describe the sensations of time travel? Select the correct quotation.
they are exceedingly unpleasant
they are excessively disturbing
Correct answer: they are excessively unpleasant
they are frighteningly unpleasant
What action does Wells give to the sun?
Correct answer: hopping