Year 9

Comparing perspectives and methods: Planning - Ondaatje and Bird

Year 9

Comparing perspectives and methods: Planning - Ondaatje and Bird

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Lesson details

Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will be comparing both our unseen fiction texts ('Journey to the Source of the Nile' and 'The Bazaars if Baghdad') and looking at how the two writers' perspectives influence the way they write about their travels. We will break down the task and first establish key similarities and differences in their attitudes. We will then use a planning frame to read extracts from the two texts and select our evidence. At the end of the lesson, we will have a clear plan that we will apply in our next session.


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5 Questions

Ondaatje and Bird are both ___________?
born in England
Correct answer: explorers
writing about India
Ondaatje's purpose for travelling to Lake Victoria was_______________? Which explanation best fits the text?
to discover the source of the Nile
to look for a historical artefact
Correct answer: to recreate other explorers' expeditions
to take pictures of the landscape
Isabella Bird's purpose for travelling is_______________? Which explanation best fits the text?
Correct answer: to experience new cultures and lifestyles
to get away from her family
to spend the money her father has given her
to work as a missionary
What does the phrase 'Big Picture' mean?
to combine ideas from both texts
Correct answer: to consider what we learn about mankind/society
to make a reference to facts
to talk about the setting in the text
"Isabella Bird saw lots of women in the bazaars; different classes and some were covered in tattoos."" Is this statement true or false?
Correct answer: false