Year 9

Summarising ideas across two texts: Ondaatje and Bird

Year 9

Summarising ideas across two texts: Ondaatje and Bird

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Lesson details

Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will be considering what the skill of summary requires by working with our two non-fiction texts, 'Journey to the Source of the Nile' and 'The Bazaars of Baghdad'. We will look at how we need to understand the focus of the question and select relevant supporting evidence to answer our question. Crucial to the process of summary is the skill of synthesising information across the two texts and showing what we have understood and inferred from the texts. During the course of the lesson, we will break down the process and experiment with sentence stems to support our written responses.


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5 Questions

What do we need to include in a summary response? Select from the options below
statement - analysis - statement
statement - evidence - analysis
statement - evidence - imagination
Correct answer: statement - evidence - inference
How many quotations should you aim to get from ONE text?
Correct answer: 2
What does the word 'synthesise' mean?
to analyse ideas
Correct answer: to combine ideas
to contrast ideas
to look for similar ideas
What type of quotations have we used in our summary writing?
Correct answer: supporting
"She subverted expectations." Which definition best matches the word "subvert"?
Correct answer: to destabilise something
to increase something
to lessen something
to shock someone