Year 6

To write an essay about the Cold War (Part 2)

Year 6

To write an essay about the Cold War (Part 2)

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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will be completing our essay all about the Cold War. You will need to use all of your knowledge about the hot flashes during the Cold War, and how the USSR collapsed. This is a great chance to consolidate and apply all of the knowledge that you have gained!


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7 Questions

Between 1950 and 1990 the USA and the USSR both...
Destroyed all of their nuclear weapons.
Hugely decreased their stockpiles of nuclear weapons.
Correct answer: Hugely increased their stockpiles of nuclear weapons.
Kept around the same number of nuclear weapons.
Under Hitler's rule in Nazi Germany, girls and women were encouraged to:
Correct answer: Cook and look after children.
Join the army.
Learn how to box.
Work on construction projects like the autobahn.
As soon as Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 he: (Select 3 answers).
Correct answer: Began persecuting Jewish people.
Correct answer: Began removing political opponents.
Declared war on France.
Made a deal with Russia.
Correct answer: Named himself Führer.
Evidence suggests that children enjoyed being members of the Hitler Youth.
Correct answer: True
Which of these best describes the behaviour of Germany's economy after Hitler took over as leader in 1933?
It improved, despite the global economy not improving.
Correct answer: It improved, though the global economy was also improving.
It worsened, despite the global economy improving.
It worsened, though the global economy also worsened.
Who was the US president when the Berlin wall was built?
Harry Truman
Correct answer: John F Kennedy
Ronald Reagan
Woodrow Wilson
Kraft durch Freude translates roughly as what?
Hitler Youth
People's Community
Correct answer: Strength through Joy
The League of German Girls

10 Questions

Appeasement is best described as:
Becoming allies with another nation to avoid war.
Delivering an ultimatum to a country acting aggressively.
Threatening an enemy to intimidate them.
Correct answer: Trying to avoid armed conflict through negotiation and compromise.
Hitler believed that men and women had naturally different roles and so should do different jobs.
Correct answer: True
Britain finally declared war on Germany in 1939 because.
France had already declared war on Germany.
Hitler annexed Austria-Hungary.
Correct answer: Hitler invaded Poland.
Russia already declared war on Germany.
What is the name given to the group of countries in southeastern Europe?
Correct answer: Balkans
League of Nations
Triple Entene
Britain did not start rearmament until after the Second World War had begun.
Correct answer: False
Which leader at the Paris Peace Conference wanted to establish a League of Nations?
David Lloyd-George
Georges Clemenceau
Correct answer: Woodrow Wilson
What did Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles declare?
That Alsace-Lorraine should return to France.
Correct answer: That Germany was solely responsible for the war.
That Germany's airforce should be abolished.
That the League of Nations should be established.
Which country did David Lloyd-George lead during World War I.
Correct answer: Great Britain
The United States of America
Which country did Georges Clemenceau lead during World War I.1
Correct answer: France
Great Britain
The United States of America
Which country did Woodrow Wilson lead during World War I.11
Great Britain
Correct answer: The United States of America