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  1. In this lesson, we will study the build up to the Second World War, including Hitler's foreign policy aims and the policy of appeasement.


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5 Questions

Under Hitler's rule in Nazi Germany, girls and women were encouraged to:
Correct answer: Cook and look after children.
Join the army.
Learn how to box.
Work on construction projects like the autobahn.
As soon as Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 he: (Select three answers)
Correct answer: Began persecuting Jewish people.
Correct answer: Began removing political opponents.
Declared war on France.
Made a deal with Russia.
Correct answer: Named himself Führer.
Kraft durch Freude translates roughly as what?
Hitler Youth
People's Community
Correct answer: Strength through Joy
The League of German Girls
Evidence suggests that children enjoyed being members of the Hitler Youth.
Correct answer: True
Which of these best describes the behaviour of Germany's economy after Hitler took over as leader in 1933?
It improved, despite the global economy not improving.
Correct answer: It improved, though the global economy was also improving.
It worsened, despite the the global economy improving.
It worsened, though the global economy also worsened.

6 Questions

What were Hitler's main foreign policy aims? (Select two answers).
Correct answer: To expand Germany's territory, especially to the east.
To lead Germany forever.
To rebuild Germany's infrastructure and economy.
Correct answer: To unite all German speaking people.
Appeasement is best described as:
Becoming allies with another nation to avoid war.
Delivering an ultimatum to a country acting aggressively.
Threatening an enemy to intimidate them.
Correct answer: Trying to avoid armed conflict through negotiation and compromise.
Hitler believed that men and women had naturally different roles and so should do different jobs.
Correct answer: True
Which of these events happened first?
'The Munich Agreement'
Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia.
Hitler invaded Poland.
Correct answer: Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland.
Britain did not start rearmament until after the Second World War had begun.
Correct answer: False
Britain finally declared war on Germany because.
France had already declared war on Germany.
Hitler annexed Austria-Hungary.
Correct answer: Hitler invaded Poland.
Russia already declared war on Germany.