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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the differences between the Eastern and Western churches. Throughout the lesson, we will think deeply about how powerful the Pope was at the time.


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5 Questions

Where did Anglo-Saxon kings send Peter's Pence?
Correct answer: Rome
Saint Peter...
...lived in Anglo-Saxon England.
Correct answer: ...was canonised after he died.
...was the father of Jesus.
Correct answer: ...was the first Pope.
Alfred the Great...
...forced every household in England to pay Peter's Pence once a year.
Correct answer: ...made a trip to Rome in the 850s when he was a boy.
...was a pagan who hated Christianity.
Correct answer: ...was an Anglo-Saxon king who ruled from 871 to 899.
What sources have historians used to learn about Peter's Pence?
Anglo-Saxon bones
Correct answer: Anglo-Saxon law codes
Correct answer: Coin hoards found in Rome
The Bible
Peter's Pence shows that...
Correct answer: Ordinary Anglo-Saxons and kings wanted to please Saint Peter and God.
Correct answer: The pope convinced Anglo-Saxon kings to send him money. This shows his power.
The pope was really weak! He had to beg Anglo-Saxon kings for money.

5 Questions

Who lived in Constantinople?
Correct answer: The head of the Eastern Church
The head of the Western Church
The Pentarchy
The Pope
The Hagia Sophia ... (Tick 2 boxes)
Correct answer: ... was a large church in Constantinople.
Correct answer: ... was later converted into a mosque and a museum.
... was later converted into a shopping centre.
... was the Pope's daughter.
Holy fools, dendrites and stylites ... (Tick 3 boxes)
Correct answer: ... stole fish from the market wrapped in chains, lived in trees and on top huge pillars.
Correct answer: ... were found in Constantinople.
... were popular in Rome.
Correct answer: ... were seen as strange 'innovations' by the pope.
Why did the Eastern and Western Churches find it difficult to talk to each other? (Tick 2 boxes)
Most people in the Eastern Church couldn't read
Correct answer: Most people in the Eastern Church spoke Greek
Correct answer: Most people in the Western Church spoke Latin
The pope was shy and didn't like speaking to other people
How did Constantinople challenge the power of the Pope? (Tick 2 boxes)
Correct answer: People in Constantinople claimed to be the 'true Romans'.
People in Constantinople could ignore the pope completely.
People in Constantinople declared war on the pope and Rome.
Correct answer: People in Constantinople had different religious rituals.