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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about Peter's Pence - the gift of coins given to the pope each year by England's Anglo-Saxon kings.


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5 Questions

Where did Pope Leo III live?
Correct answer: Rome
Which two of these things happened to Leo in 799?
He became Pope
Correct answer: He fled Rome and went to Charlemagne's court
Correct answer: He was attacked in Rome
He was crowned Holy Roman Emperor
Charlemagne was...
Correct answer: ...a king who built hundreds churches and monasteries.
Correct answer: ...a king who ruled a large Frankish Empire in Europe.
...a pagan who hated Christianity.
...not interested in reading and learning.
What did Pope Leo III crown Charlemagne in 800?
Alcuin of York
Correct answer: Holy Roman Emperor
King of the Frankish Empire
Pope Charlemagne I
How powerful was Pope Leo III? (pick two)
Correct answer: Pope Leo III faced some threats to his power; he needed Charlemagne to keep him safe.
Correct answer: Pope Leo III gave some of his power to Charlemagne in 800 AD.
Pope Leo III was completely powerless.
Pope Leo III was the most powerful man on earth. No one could challenge him!

5 Questions

Where did Anglo-Saxon kings send Peter's Pence?
Correct answer: Rome
Saint Peter...
...lived in Anglo-Saxon England.
Correct answer: ...was canonised after he died.
...was the father of Jesus.
Correct answer: ...was the first Pope.
Alfred the Great...
...forced every household in England to pay Peter's Pence once a year.
Correct answer: ...made a trip to Rome in the 850s when he was a boy.
...was a pagan who hated Christianity.
Correct answer: ...was an Anglo-Saxon king who ruled from 871 to 899.
What sources have historians used to learn about Peter's Pence?
Anglo-Saxon bones
Correct answer: Anglo-Saxon law codes
Correct answer: Coin hoards found in Rome
The Bible
Peter's Pence shows that...
Correct answer: Ordinary Anglo-Saxons and kings wanted to please Saint Peter and God.
Correct answer: The pope convinced Anglo-Saxon kings to send him money. This shows his power.
The pope was really weak! He had to beg Anglo-Saxon kings for money.