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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the violence that followed the 'Glorious Revolution' in Ireland and Scotland from 1689-92.


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5 Questions

Why did many Protestant elites not want James II to become king in 1685?
Because he had been best friends with Oliver Cromwell.
Correct answer: Because he had converted to Catholicism in 1673.
Because he had started the Fire of London.
Because he sold enslaved Africans as a director of the Royal Africa Company.
Which of these was not something James II did when he was king from 1685-88?
He had a male heir after his wife gave birth to a son.
He imprisoned seven bishops.
Correct answer: He tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament.
He tried to repeal the 'Test Acts'.
Who did the Seven Bishops ask to invade England in 1688?
Charles II
Oliver Cromwell
Titus Oates
Correct answer: William of Orange
What did Parliament use to limit William's power?
The Agreement of the People
Correct answer: The Bill of Rights
The Interregnum
The Test Acts
What did William use to help create the image of a 'Glorious Revolution'?
He banned all books criticising him.
Correct answer: He brought hundreds of printing presses to England.
He executed anyone who disliked him.
He put James II's head on a spike outside London.

5 Questions

Why did some people in England call 1688-89 a 'Glorious Revolution'?
Because it led to a war in Ireland.
Correct answer: Because many English Protestants hated James II (who was Catholic).
Because they hated Oliver Cromwell.
Because they were Jacobites.
What started the Williamite-Jacobite Wars in Ireland.
The Battle of Aughrim
The Battle of the Boyne
Correct answer: The Siege of Derry
The Treaty of Limerick
What was promised to Irish Catholics who swore an Oath of Loyalty to William in the Treaty of Limerick (1691)?
That James II would be made king of Ireland.
That they could become MPs.
Correct answer: That they could keep their land.
That William III would convert to Catholicism.
Who was killed in the Glencoe Massacre in 1692?
38 Scottish Jacobite soldiers
Correct answer: 38 unarmed members of the MacDonald clan.
James II
Oliver Cromwell
Why have some historians argued that the word 'Glorious' is the wrong way to describe the events of 1688-92?
Because they think William III was lazy.
Because they wish that Titus Oates had become king in 1688.
Correct answer: Because thousands of people died in Ireland and Scotland.
Because William III was lucky that a 'Protestant Wind' blew him to England.