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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about Mansa Musa's return from Mecca and what it could reveal about medieval Mali.


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5 Questions

Where did Mansa Musa rule?
Correct answer: Mali
Saudi Arabia
What is the Hajj?
A holy journey to Egypt
A holy place in Saudi Arabia
Correct answer: A pilgrimage to Mecca
A special building in Mecca
Which of these is NOT a possible reason Mansa Musa went on Hajj
He wanted to raise Mali’s status
He wanted to show the world how wealthy Mali was
He was a committed Muslim
Correct answer: He was forced to go
What happened when Mansa Musa was in Cairo which reveals medieval Mali was wealthy?
Mansa Musa doesn't want to kiss the ground in front of the sultan
Correct answer: Mansa Musa gave out huge amounts of gold
Mansa Musa left and went to Mecca
Mansa Musa talked with many people
Which action reveals that Mansa Musa practiced Islam and implies Mali was a Muslim country?
Mansa Musa bought lots of things in Cairo
Mansa Musa travelled to Cairo
Correct answer: Mansa Musa went on the Hajj
Mansa Musa's slaves had golden staffs

5 Questions

What did Mansa Musa do in Mecca?
Conquer its army and add it to his empire
Create a university
Party and make new friends
Correct answer: Pray and focus on being pure and holy
Why did Mansa Musa take a different route back from Mecca to Mali?
He got lost
Correct answer: He wanted to take control of two cities
The first route was too dangerous
The new route was more interesting
Why were the cities of Gao and Timbuktu important?
They had universities
They were key centres of learning
Correct answer: They were key trading centres
They were near the sea
Mansa Musa brought back scholars from Mecca with him to Mali, what could that reveal?
Correct answer: Medieval Mali ambitious
Medieval Mali was a university
Medieval Mali was posh
Medieval Mali was wealthy
Mansa Musa built mosques in Gao and Timbuktu, what could that reveal about medieval Mali?
Everyone in the empire was Muslim
Everyone was keen to impress
It was full of knowledgable people
Correct answer: Its ruler wanted to promote Islam