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  1. In this lesson, we will investigate how Charles I lost further support through ship money and Laud's reforms.


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5 Questions

Choose the three correct statements on Charles I:
Correct answer: Charles became King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Correct answer: Charles lacked experienced as a monarch as he did not grow up as heir to the throne.
Charles was a confident, experienced monarch.
Correct answer: Charles was not well liked by parliament.
Charles was only ever King of England.
Define the Divine Right of Kings
Correct answer: The belief that the monarch gets their power to rule from God.
The belief that the monarch gets their power to rule from the general public.
The belief that the monarch must follow the laws set by parliament.
How many Englishmen died during Buckingham's trip to Cadiz?
Correct answer: 7,000
The majority of England followed the Anglican faith which was:
Correct answer: Protestant
What was the main power that parliament had over the monarch?
Parliament could argue with the King.
Parliament could choose a new King at any moment.
Correct answer: Parliament were in charge of raising taxes and provide money to the King.

5 Questions

Which friend of Charles I was assassinated?
Correct answer: Duke of Buckingham
John Finch
William Laud
How many years did Charles' personal rule last for?
Correct answer: 11 years
5 years
7 years
How did Charles I raise money? (Choose two)
By becoming a business man and trading silks, spices and jewels.
Correct answer: By changing Ship Money so that all of England had to pay the tax.
Correct answer: By increasing the amount of fines for people that illegally took from the royal forests.
By selling the crown jewels.
Charles I religious views were that:
Correct answer: He was a protestant but enjoyed some catholic ideas such as decorating the churches.
He was a protestant that hated Catholics and planned to divorce his catholic wife.
He was a puritan that thought churches and priests were best when they looked plain.
What happened to the three puritans that protested against Laud's reforms?
Correct answer: Their ears were hacked off.
Their tongues were cut out.
They were fined £200.