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  1. In this lesson, we will examine the reasons for the US involvement in the First World War in 1917 and its role in the conflict prior to their joining. We will learn about the impact of US resources and troops on the course of the war before considering the factor's importance for our enquiry question about why the war ended in 1918.


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5 Questions

What are the names given to the two main fighting areas in Europe during WWI?
The Eastern Front and the Southern Front
The Northern Front and the Southern Front
The Northern Front and the Western Front
Correct answer: The Western Front and the Eastern Front
Who was the leader of Russia in 1917?
The Premier
The President
Correct answer: The Tsar
In 1917 Russia had a revolution. As a result Russia became the world's first...
Authoritarian country
Correct answer: Communist country
Democratic country
Fascist country
The Communist leaders signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1918. What did Russia agree to about its involvement in WWI?
Russia agreed to swap sides and fight alongside the Germans.
Russia promised to keep fighting the Allies against the Germans until the end of the war.
Russia stopped fighting but continued to give resources to the Allies.
Correct answer: Russia withdrew from fighting and had to stop giving resources to the Allies.
As a result of the Russian withdrawal from WWI....
all the countries involved agreed to bring the war to an end.
Germany became a Communist country too.
the Allies surrendered as they couldn't fight without Russian resources.
Correct answer: the Germans could now focus all their troops on the Western Front.

5 Questions

What was the USA's position when war broke out in 1914?
They joined on the side of the Allies (France, Britain, Russia)
They joined on the side of the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary)
Correct answer: They remained neutral and avoided getting involved in the conflict
They tried to negotiate a solution between both sides to avoid a conflict
When did the USA join WWI?
Correct answer: 1917
Why did the USA join WWI?
The Allies asked them to join the war as they were struggling
The Germans attacked the USA, landing in California
Correct answer: The Germans declared unrestricted submarine warfare and tried to involve Mexico in a war against the USA
The USA felt bad at staying out of the conflict for so long when they saw high casualty rates
Which country withdrew from WWI in 1917?
Correct answer: Russia
How many fresh American troops were arriving daily in France by the end of WWI?
Correct answer: 10,000