Year 8

Elizabeth I and Spain: Why were they rivals?

Year 8

Elizabeth I and Spain: Why were they rivals?

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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the tensions between Elizabeth I's England and Philip II's Spain and how these tensions helped to push the Elizabethans to expand their horizons.


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5 Questions

What religion was Philip II of Spain?
Correct answer: Catholic
Which of these was NOT a reason for the tensions between England and Spain?
Both monarchs supporting plots against the other
Correct answer: Elizabeth I refusing to allow Philip II to come to England
Philip being rejected as a husband by Elizabeth I
Religious differences
The Pope allowed Spain to take and control any areas of the 'New World' if...?
The land was uninhabited
The people weren't running their government in a Spanish style
Correct answer: The peoples weren't Catholic/christian
They were in America
The English Privateers did what in the Spanish Empire...?
Explored the areas making maps
Correct answer: Stole from Spanish ships and port towns
Tried to conquer their own areas of the empire
Worked with the local people to overthrow the Spanish
Richard Hackluyt the Elizabethan writer said of the Spanish Empire...?
That he would as part of his travel writing quite like to visit.
That it was too large and the treatment of enslaved peoples was cruel.
Correct answer: That it wasn't fair and Protestant England should be allowed to trade in the Americas too.