Year 7

Edward I and Scotland

I can describe Edward I’s first campaign in Scotland in 1296.

Year 7

Edward I and Scotland

I can describe Edward I’s first campaign in Scotland in 1296.

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Lesson details

Key learning points

  1. In 1292 Edward became overlord of Scotland.
  2. Many Scots resisted Edward’s rule and invaded northern England.
  3. Edward believed he could unite England and Scotland because many Scottish leaders cooperated with Edward.
  4. Edward responded brutally to the Scottish rebellion.
  5. Edward’s rule placed more demands on the Scots and created further resistance.

Common misconception

Edward I always intended to conquer Scotland and add it to his kingdom.

Edward I's initial aim was to have the Scottish pay him homage as their overlord.


  • Allegiance - showing allegiance is to be loyal to a lord or monarch

  • Sack - to sack a settlement is to attack it with much destruction and steal things from it

  • Oath of fealty - an oath of fealty is a formal promise to be loyal to a monarch

Have students write diary entries from the perspective of a Scottish leader who cooperated with Edward, expressing thoughts on uniting England and Scotland, and the challenges faced.
Teacher tip

Content guidance

  • Contains conflict or violence.


Adult supervision suggested.


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6 Questions

Why did the Welsh revolt against English rule in 1282?
Correct answer: enforcement of English law on the Welsh people
Correct answer: English officials acted in a heavy-handed way
Correct answer: many Welsh people were arrested without reason
religious differences between Wales and England
enforcement of English language on the Welsh people
What happened to Llywelyn ap Gruffudd after his Welsh revolt was defeated?
he was exiled and forced to live in France
he surrendered and was imprisoned in the Tower of London
Correct answer: his head was chopped off and placed on a spike at the Tower of London
Fill in the blank with the correct missing word: The different Welsh kingdoms shared a common and customs which were distinct from England's.
Correct Answer: language, Language
In January 1283, Dafydd was charged with treason and became one of the first people to be executed by a horrific new method: later known as being hanged, drawn and ...
Correct Answer: quartered, Quartered
Edward I built castles to enforce the English conquest of Wales. What was Edward I's strategy to maintain control over Wales after the revolt?
Correct answer: building castles
granting independence to Welsh kingdoms
offering peace treaties
promoting Welsh culture
What was the reaction of Welsh families to the extension of English common law across Wales?
all families rejected it as a sign of conquest
all families welcomed it for economic benefits
Correct answer: some welcomed it for better justice, others saw it as conquest

6 Questions

What significant event occurred in 1292 regarding the Scottish succession crisis?
Correct answer: Edward I became overlord of Scotland
Edward I invaded Scotland
Margaret the Maid of Norway died
Why did many Scots resist Edward I's rule as overlord?
Correct answer: Edward interfered in Scottish justice
Correct answer: Edward ordered Scottish knights for military service
Edward made an alliance between England and France
What does the term 'oath of fealty' mean?
a formal declaration of war
Correct answer: a formal promise to be loyal to a monarch
a pledge to protect the church
Starting with the earliest, place these events in time order.
1 - Margaret the Maid of Norway dies
2 - Edward becomes overlord of Scotland
3 - the Scots invade northern England
4 - Edward sacks Berwick
What were Edward I's initial intentions towards Scotland?
he intended to conquer Scotland and add it to his kingdom
Correct answer: he wanted the Scottish to pay him homage as their overlord
he wanted to marry into the Scottish royal family
Fill in the blank with the correct missing word: Scotland had an experienced government and ...
Correct Answer: monarchy, Monarchy

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