Year 7

The First Barons' War and Magna Carta reissued

I can explain why Magna Carta was reissued.

Year 7

The First Barons' War and Magna Carta reissued

I can explain why Magna Carta was reissued.

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Lesson details

Key learning points

  1. John had Magna Carta annulled.
  2. John's actions led to a civil war.
  3. In 1216 Henry III came to the throne as a child.
  4. Henry III reissued Magna Carta in 1216, without its most radical clause.
  5. The king’s regent, William Marshal, hoped this Magna Carta would mean a better balance between king and barons.

Common misconception

All kings are adults and are the ultimate decision makers.

Henry III became king when he was nine-years-old. As he was too young, regents were appointed to rule on Henry’s behalf.


  • Annul - to annul means to abolish or reduce to nothing

  • Treason - treason is when someone betrays their country, government or leader

  • Regent - a regent is a person who rules a country for a limited period, because the monarch is absent, too young or too ill

  • Moderate - moderate is when something is not extreme and therefore acceptable to a large number of people

  • Reissued - something that is reissued is printed or produced again

The siege of Rochester Castle is a great example of medieval warfare. Once students understand the tactics involved in the siege, task them to take up the role of defender/attacker. Students then discuss what methods and weapons they would use.
Teacher tip

Content guidance

  • Contains conflict or violence.
  • Contains subject matter which individuals may find upsetting.


Adult supervision suggested.


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6 Questions

How did King John’s disagreement with the Church impact England?
Correct answer: It led to the Pope becoming the overlord of John and England.
It led to a period of peace and prosperity in England.
It had no significant impact on the country.
Write in the missing word. In 1215, the barons prepared to fight King John, they were led by Robert ...
Correct Answer: FitzWalter, Fitzwalter, fitzwalter
In 1215, what did King John do when he realised he could not defeat the uprising against him?
He continued to resist and fight the barons.
He requested help from foreign allies.
Correct answer: He was forced to accept the barons’ demands set out in Magna Carta.
How did King John approve Magna Carta?
Correct answer: He sealed Magna Carta with the Great Seal of England.
He signed Magna Carta with his Great Signature of England.
There was no way of knowing that he had approved Magna Carta.
Why are some historians excited about the clause which stated that no freeman could be imprisoned unless they are judged by their peers?
Correct answer: It is believed to be the start of basic human rights.
It is believed to be the start of the Church's interference in legal matters.
It is believed to be the start of feudalism.
What were the radical clauses in the Magna Carta known as?
church clauses
feudal clauses
king's clauses
Correct answer: security clauses

6 Questions

What does the term "annul" mean in the context of Magna Carta?
Correct answer: to abolish it completely
to amend it partially
to fully support it
Who was the main supporter of King John in his decision to annul Magna Carta?
Correct answer: Pope Innocent III
Philip II of France
Robert FitzWalter
What unlucky event happened to John in the Wash?
He lost a battle.
Correct answer: He lost his crown jewels.
His ship sank.
He was captured by rebels.
Which event finally ended the First Barons' War?
Henry III's coronation
Correct answer: Prince Louis's defeat at Lincoln
John laying siege to Rochester Castle, in Kent
Who was mainly responsible for ruling England during Henry III's early reign?
his mother
his uncles
Correct answer: his regents
the barons
How old was Henry III when he became king?
Correct answer: nine years old
eighteen years old
twenty-seven years old
thirty-six years old

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