Year 7

The Northern Renaissance

I can compare the Northern Renaissance to the Italian Renaissance.

Year 7

The Northern Renaissance

I can compare the Northern Renaissance to the Italian Renaissance.

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Lesson details

Key learning points

  1. Northern Renaissance art looked different.
  2. Painters like Holbein developed a different style.
  3. Some English art belonged to the northern Renaissance.
  4. English monarchs became patrons of the Northern Renaissance.
  5. The Northern Renaissance developed later.

Common misconception

Pupils may think that we can learn little from imagery that has been produced for the purposes of propaganda.

Explain to pupils that we can learn a lot from such imagery as it is a window into the minds of those who had it produced, and helps us to understand some of their concerns and motivations.


  • Northern Renaissance - the Renaissance that occurred north of the Alps is called the Northern Renaissance

  • Reformer - someone who wants to change something is known as a reformer

  • Portrait - a portrait is a painting of a person

To emphasise the manner in which the Northern and Italian Renaissances were both separate and connected this lesson could be extended further by looking at the life, career and works of Albrecht Dürer.
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6 Questions

is the study of the human body and how it functions.
Correct answer: anatomy
Da Vinci was an inventor of many ideas and machines but his main obsession was...
inventing the steam engine
Correct answer: human flight
the movement of the Sun, the Earth and other planets
Match the following terms to complete each sentence
Correct Answer:Ancient Greeks and Romans,produced theories about the natural world

produced theories about the natural world

Correct Answer:Early Renaissance humanists,rediscovered classical knowledge

rediscovered classical knowledge

Correct Answer:The printing press,quickly spread rediscovered knowledge across Europe

quickly spread rediscovered knowledge across Europe

Correct Answer:A 17th century 'Scientific Revolution', built on classical knowledge.

built on classical knowledge.

Starting with the earliest, place these events in chronological order.
1 - Ptolemy's ideas about the orbits of celestial bodies dominated in Europe.
2 - Copernicus revived Aristarchus' idea that the Earth orbits around the Sun.
3 - Galileo worked to improve upon Copernicus' work.
4 - Galileo was put on trial by the Catholic Church.
Vesalius's knowledge of anatomy was so thorough because he performed dissections...
Correct Answer: himself
Fugitive sheets were pages from books about which science?
Correct answer: Anatomy

6 Questions

What sort of paintings did Bruegel paint?
Highly detailed portraits
Correct answer: Scenes of everyday life
Religious scenes
The Arnolfini Portrait was painted by Jan van...
Correct Answer: Eyck, eyck
Starting with the earliest, put these events in chronological order.
1 - Humanists like Petrarch rediscover classical knowledge.
2 - Van Eyck paints the Arnolfini Portrait.
3 - Da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa.
4 - Bruegel paints the Hunters in the Snow.
Why did northern European artists stop painting religious subjects to focus on scenes of everyday life?
Correct answer: reformers rejected the ideas of the Catholic Church
they could no longer charge high prices for religious art
the Catholic Church banned them from painting religious subjects
scenes of everyday life were easier to paint
Who painted a much-copied portrait of Henry VIII?
Correct answer: Hans Holbein
Jan van Eyck
Peter Bruegel
Leonardo da Vinci
Henry VIII had his portrait copied in order to project a message about his power and...
Correct answer: status
physical strength

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