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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will be reviewing the entire unit of line graphs and timetables by completing a series of challenges and problems based on the different concepts taught across all of the lessons throughout the unit. This lesson can be watched in its entirety or specific sections can be visited if pupils wish to focus their learning and consolidation on a specific concept.


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5 Questions

When deciding the correct scale to use in the construction of a line graph, which of the following statements is important to remember?
The Y-axis scale can never use negative numbers
The Y-axis scale can only ever go up in even numbers
Correct answer: The Y-axis scale can start at any point considered appropriate
The Y-axis scale has to begin on 0
Look carefully at the line graph below. What is wrong with it?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: The key has been left off the graph
The scale is incorrect
The title is incorrect and doesn't represent the data
The x and y axes are incorrectly labelled
When using the conversion graph during the lesson, what exchange rate did we use converting between dollars $ and pounds £?
$30 ≈ £35
$40 ≈ £25
$40 ≈ £50
Correct answer: $50 ≈ £40
When trying to work out the correct interval of time between two given clock times, which strategy was suggested as an effective one to use?
A bar model
Correct answer: A blank numberline
Column addition
Column subtraction
The simple line graph below shows the journey of a family as they drive down the motorway on the way to their caravan for a holiday. What word best describes the speed of the car they are driving in?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: Constant