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  1. In this lesson, we will be looking at a different type of line graph: a conversion graph. We will discuss what they are and how they are used. We will then construct our own conversion tasks which will allow us to convert between centimetres and inches.


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5 Questions

Look closely at the line graph below. Which one of the statements is true?
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2016 was the the most successful year for Sally's Sweet Shop.
Correct answer: 2017 was a more profitable year for the shop than 2016.
2018 was the most profitable year.
December has always been the most profitable month for each year.
Look carefully at the line graph below. Since Sally's Sweet Shop opened in 2016, how many months has the shop made a net profit of over £1600?
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Correct answer: 3
Look carefully at the graph below. Which of the following statements is false?
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Correct answer: Every year, the shop make more profit in December than at any other time of the year.
Sally's Sweet Shop has decreased in profits each year.
The profits of the shop always increase between April and August.
The shop always sees an increase in profit between July and August.
Look carefully at both the line graph and table below. The data point for which Olympic Games has been incorrectly plotted according to the information in table?
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1996 Atlanta
2000 Sydney
Correct answer: 2004 Athens
2008 Beijing
During the lesson, we looked at how data from a table might look if it was presented using a different chart. Below is the Pie Chart we discussed. Can you remember why it would be unsuitable to show the data from the medals table?
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It doesn't show how many medals have been won by the USA at each of the six Olympic Games.
It doesn't show how well the USA did at each of the Olympic Games.
It doesn't split the data into individual sections to represent each of the different Olympic Games.
Correct answer: It doesn't visually show patterns or changes in the data over a period of time.

5 Questions

Look closely at the symbol. What does this symbol mean when used in mathematics?
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Correct answer: Approximately equal to
Equal to
The same as
Very close
When converting between centimetres and inches, which of the following would be incorrect?
10cm ≈ 4 inches
20cm ≈ 8 inches
25cm ≈ 10 inches
Correct answer: 40inches ≈ 16cm
What is the correct conversion rate between kilograms and pounds?
Correct answer: 1 kg ≈ 2.2 lb
1 kg ≈ 22 lb
1lb ≈ 2.2 kg
22 lb ≈ 1 kg
Look carefully at the conversion graph below. Which statements is true.
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10kg ≈ 20 lbs
20kg ≈ 60Ibs
Correct answer: 30kg ≈ 66 lbs
50kg ≈ 120lbs
When trying to find the correct conversion rate, which unit of measurements might you consider using a conversion graph to help with?
Correct answer: All of the above, they are all suitable
Converting Euros and US Dollars
Converting Litres and pints
Converting Metres and feet
None of the above, they are not suitable