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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will explore dividing numbers by partitioning into multiples and dividing the parts. We will start with calculations that involve dividing by a single digit making links to the multiplication calculations in the last lesson. We will then find multiples of 2-digit numbers and use these to divide by partitioning into multiples in order to divide each part.


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5 Questions

Which of the following statements about a prime number is true?
Correct answer: A prime number can only have two factors.
A prime number multiplied by a prime number will give a product that is a prime number
All prime numbers are odd.
The largest prime number is 97
Using distributive law, which of the following number statements is FALSE?
10 X 6 = 5 X 6 + 5 X 6
Correct answer: 12 X 3 = 4 X 1 + 4 X 1 + 4 X 1
22 X 2 = 20 X 2 + 2 X 2
3 X 6 = 3 X 3 + 3 X 3
Look at the bar model below which is similar to other bar models used during the lesson. Which number statement does the bar model correctly represent to help us calculate the total number of swimmers?
An image in a quiz
12 x 4 x 3
3 x 3 x 4
4 x 2 x 2
Correct answer: 4 x 3 x 4
Below is an area model. What is the product of this area model?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: 45
During the lesson, we demonstrated how an area model could be arranged to show distributive law after one of the factors was partitioned. If the product for a calculation is 120, what are the two missing values?
An image in a quiz
1 and 9
Correct answer: 5 and 4
6 and 6
9 and 0

5 Questions

Using your knowledge of inverse, which of the following numbers is not a factor of 248?
Correct answer: 6
Use your knowledge of multiples to identify the missing factor from the area model below.
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: 32
If I know 6 x 15 is 90, I can generate other facts. But which of the following number sentences is not derived from this original fact?
Correct answer: 12 x 30 = 180
5 x 15 = 75
60 x 15 = 900
90 ÷ 15 = 6
45 is a factor of 360 because.....
45 x 6
Correct answer: 45 x 8
45 x 9
Today we used cuisenaire rods to help set out multiples. If we give the white rod the value of 9, which of the following statements is true?
An image in a quiz
The black rod is worth 54
The blue rod is worth 72
The yellow rod is worth 27
Correct answer: The yellow rod is worth 45