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  1. In this lesson, we will develop our skills in planning how to solve, and then solving, a fractional measurement problem. The problem involves determining what lengths of wood could be used in various combinations to achieve a given length.


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6 Questions

Annie buys the three most expensive items. How much money does she spend?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: £14.80
How much change from £20.00 does Annie receive?
Correct answer: £5.20
Emily buys the three cheapest items. How much does she spend?
Correct answer: £8.90
How much change does Emily receive from £10.00?
Correct answer: £1.10
John spends £10 on two items. Which items does he buy?
Fan and lucky cat
Lucky cat and magnet
Correct answer: Tea set and lantern
James receives £1 change from £10. He buys three items. Which are they?
Fan, magnet, tea set
Correct answer: Lantern, chopsticks, magnet
Lucky cat, tea set, lantern