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  1. In this lesson, we will review pulse and rhythm. We will use musical notation symbols to recognise different songs and play rhythm games. We will then consolidate all of our learning in this unit by composing our own four bar rhythm and completing an end of unit quiz.


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5 Questions

What is the pulse?
Correct answer: The heartbeat of the music
The length of sound
The pattern of sounds
Which of these symbols represents the sound 'ta'
Option 1
Option 2
Correct answer: Option 3
What is the rhythm?
The heartbeat of the music
Correct answer: The pattern of sounds
When we use our bodies to create sound
What is a time signature?
Correct answer: It tells us how many beats are in a bar
It tells us how many beats are in the whole piece.
It tells us when to stop playing
Which song does this rhythm match?
An image in a quiz
Copy cat
Correct answer: Hey hey
Kye kye
Peter Taps